South Seas Yachting

South Seas Yachting

South Seas Yachting was established in 2010 from the merger of two solid groups operating in the Yacht Brokerage: International South Seas and Tuttomare Sea Service.
Yacht Brokers since 1992, official Shipbroker registered in the role since 2003 and ISYBA associates ISYBA (Italian Ship & Yacht Broker Association), la SSY has now reached a yacht brokerage leading position, both in the Italian and foreign market.
The mission is to devote itself exclusively to the brokerage, giving up the possibility of becoming the dealer of the most famous brands, giving its customers total freedom in choosing their boat, alongside them as a sincere and expert partner.
The partners Davide del Tufo and Lorenzo Mastrangelowith their soft and discreet approach, their background, almost always establish a consolidated professional relationship and friendship with their customers.



born in 1969, after the nautical high school, in 1990 he carried out the service in the Italian Navy as an officer on the Coast Guard units. Subsequently, Master of 500GT, scuba-diving instructor, owner of a nautical school, Yacht Master, Officer of Pleasure Vessel, many engagements on sailing and power for charter, which gave him the opportunity to interface with the most demanding customers and to train in the field learning to solve any type of problem from the technician to emergency one. Thousands of miles between the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, the Caribbean, the Seychelles and South America.

Lorenzo Mastrangelo

born in 1974: Paolo, his father, founded the South Seas International Yacht Broker in 1980, and then left the helm to his sons in 1998. Raised on a boat, born boater, he experienced the owner's needs firsthand. His passion for boating led him to move to New Zealand at a young age, to face and explore a new world. With his brother Danilo he then continued the path taken by his father with International South Seas, to then create two different but linked companies, South Seas Yachting, which he manages with his partner Lorenzo Mastrangelo, specialized in pure yacht brokerage, and the SSY Charter entirely managed by Danilo del Tufo, specialized in charters.

Davide del Tufo

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