Fields of expertise


Development and optimization of port layouts, anchoring layouts, calculations of dimensions of mooring blocks and chains, design of electrical and water systems.

Floating and fixed structures for tourist and commercial ports

Aluminium and steel floating pontoons with cement or rotomoulded polyethylene. Continuous or discontinuous floating solutions. Fixed structures such as pontoons, quays and platforms. Fixed pontoons on steel piles.

Floating piers

Rigid joints between pontoon elements allow to create floating piers of significant dimensions and high displacement, achieving user’s comfort comparable to one offered by fixed structures.

Floating breakwaters

Prefabricated elements in reinforced cement with polystyrene core, characterised by significant dimensions and high displacement, which joint together create floating barriers. In certain environmental conditions they substitute traditional fixed structures allowing for significant reductions of costs and time.

Special structures

Floating platforms, restaurants and stages. Floating gangways for canal crossing. Seasonal and temporary floating structures

Mooring accessories

Catway, mini-catway, bollards, cleats and rings.

Service systems for pleasure ports

Service bollards for electricity and water distribution, in polyethylene or stainless steel AISI 316. Electrical socket from 16Amps to 630Amps, mono-phase and three-phase pedestal for boat, yacht and mega yacht. From 3mt to 150mt length. Integrated metering system for energy and water, gate control and services control, all with contact-less transponder activation and prepaid and/or subscriber agreement. Automatic transponder recharge pedestal.
Software: Supervisory system for electricity supply module; Metering of water and electricity consumption; Malfunction diagnosis for modules and electrical installation; Remote control of modules; Transponder recharging; Users database ; Logs of service module transaction; Logs of archived recharge operation per operator; Security of the operations guaranteed by operator password; RS485 communication MODBUS or WIRELESS (by radio) protocol; Black list access control; Transit logs. Firefighting unit with UNI45 nozzle or fire extinguisher support. Routine seasonal maintenance program and special maintenance coverage.

Industrial Warehouses

Yacht Garage is the new patented system that makes possible to turn the big uncovered shipyards’ areas in useful covered space. All this without the need of any building permission. It is realized with a structure in high-resistance aluminum and a fireproof PVC, furthermore they are provided with doors and windows. Moreover Yacht Garage, can be projected in order to satisfy every costumer’s request, in the limits of 5 to 20 meters of height and width of 5 and 40 meters, while there is no limitations in terms of length Moreover , static calculations, lateral piles capacities (from wind) and upper piles capacities(from snow) forecast a guaranteed overall strength of the structure ‘till 28m/s of wind and snow loads of 80kg/m2. However, to avoid reaching the break point the hinges are meant to have a capacity of 70-80 km/h.
The accessory “Paint” turns the Yacht Garage warehouse into a regular spray booth.

Industrial wastewaters treatment plants

In salling our packages, we have taken as reference to the pollutants allowable limits set by the restrictive Italian law (D. Lgs. 152/06 – 59/2000/CE as European Regulation):
1)0,5 - 4 m3/h chemical-physical carenage water and rain water treatment from 500 lt/h to 4.000 lt/h;
2) oily bilge water treatment plants;
3) sea water revers osmosi plants;
4) sewage and oily bilge water pump out and treatment station

We also con provide to:
1)fixed and mobile units
2)high performing vacuum equipped suctions system working under continuous vacuum section
3)Possibility of having several suction towers for each station and each tower provided with two suction hoses: multipoint application, therefore the possibility of assisting several boats at the same time maintaining suction capacity.

Lifting cranes, motorized trailers and tug for crafts

Travel-lifts from 8 to 800 tons, amphibious models, variable with option (Trollift), various steering system; Gib-crane. Self-propelled boat-trailers, fitted with: remote control – self levelling within 1.000 tons.. Self-propelled hydraulic tugs.