South Seas handles every aspect of brokerage: sale, purchase and consultation, by personally following each and every phase in the activities above.
South Seas offers to their clients highly qualified professional 360 degree services in order to construct a solid and long-lasting relationship based on the utmost transparency and mutual trust. The compass rose of South Seas services includes: technical checking and inspection of single vessels, in-depth market analysis, comparison and analysis of depreciation curves, worldwide research, focused marketing and extensive communication operations organised together with the customer to optimise terms of sale: every customer and every vessel are different.

To buy or to sale a boat
Any owner wishing to sell his own boat, must designate a competent and reliable organization that will provide real value at the sale and actively promote it.
South Seas, with its thirty-years experience in the sector and its international network, has the means necessary to achieve a quick sale.
South Seas has a rich database, which collects and disseminates boats for sale directly to individuals as well as to brokers.
To give permission of exclusive sales to South Seas does not limit the possibilities, on the contrary it helps to promote a quick sale through targeted advertising, protecting the best interests of the seller and allowing a conclusion of a quick business.